Our candidates excel.

We'll be your partner long after you find the right candidate.

Our reach exceeds just filling seats on your team. We're a true partner in your success. By providing data on interviews, churn and tenure, mixed with candidate scores & attributes, you can start to improve retention and output for each new hire.

All the service you’d expect.

  • Thorough Initial Assessments Of Each Role.
    Every role is different and requires a specific approach to get consistent results. We spend time to fully understand what each role requires.
  • Unique Candidate Pre-Evaluations
    For each role we take on, we'll build a completely unique 120+ point, pre-screening process to evaluate candidates before passing them to you.
  • Candidate Tracking Software
    Easily track, score and place referrals from M3 in an easy-to-use dashboard.

The M3 Difference.

Just a few of the reasons companies choose M3 for top sales and customer service recruits.

For Customer Service

  • 10+ years as Site Director & Hiring Manager for hundreds of CS positions.
  • Site Directors to Tier 1 & Entry Level representatives.
  • All candidates are pre-screened and ranked for the right aptitudes on the job.
Hire for Customer Service

For Sales

  • Previous experience as actual hiring managers for sales.
  • From VP to Sales Development, we can connect you with top tier talent here in Utah.
  • Pre-screened so you only get the cream of the crop.
Hire for Sales

See how M3 compares with the rest of the competition.

The Rest
Real-world experience as hiring managers here in Utah. Most recruiting firms don't have actual experience in the roles they are hiring for.
Recruiting fees.
Untapped network of local candidates.
Why chance it?
Post-hire guarantee.
Unique pre-screening on candidates, including
aptitude tests like the Wonderlic - all specifically built for the role.
Who knows?
Run, don't walk.

Our clients love M3...

...because we do what we say we're going to do. You're going to love partnering with us. Reach out and let's see if we can help!
Sam Kent
I'm thrilled we made the switch to M3. We just recently acquired a company and had to move fast to fill spots on new teams with limited knowledge of the product. M3's experience in the industry has made all of the difference. Some of our new hires are actually teaching us how to solve customer issues!