Customer Service Recruiting

Build your customer service dream team.

See how our experience leading large CS teams can be leveraged to find you the best of the best.
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We knew there had to be a better way to recruit top talent.

After years leading large CS teams, we knew there had to be a better way to find (and keep) great reps, but it didn't exist in the market. That's why we started M3...
  • Extensive pre-screening & candidate testing
  • Valuable data on interview-to-hire rates, tenure expectancy and on-the-job success metrics.
  • Lower fees than traditional recruiting firms (with a focus on long-term partnerships.
  • Over 10 years we’ve personally hire over 1,000 candidates in CS - we have a deep understand of the recipe of a great rep.

We have a deep understanding of what makes great
customer service representatives.


The best reps have an ability to truly understand what a customer is experiencing.

They are able to connect and make customers feel heard in every interaction.

Customer Centric

In every tool we use, in every decision we make and in every conversation we have - we should always be thinking about the customer.

Customer Centricity is all about making sure that everything points back to the most important thing; the customer.


In customer service, it would be impossible to map out everything that could possibly happen on each interaction.

It's critical to have talented reps that can think beyond the black and white and work well within the grey.


Customer Service can often be a difficult and, sometimes, thankless job.

Having representatives that take a hard day and find a silver lining - a way to grow, a lesson to learn, a path to a more successful tomorrow - is the reicpe for long-lasting & happy customer serivce talent.