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A shared mission to fix the way you build your teams.

After working with many internal and external recruiters, we recognized many flaws with the traditional process.

It's not just about volume of candidates. The old-school numbers game of recruiting isn't putting companies in the best position to be successful.

So, as former hiring managers ourselves, with years of experience in both customer service and sales, we set out to build you a great partner.

We know how to find true winners.

Businesses use M3 to build their dream teams.

Built For All Positions
We recruit for C-level down to entry. All cogs in the wheel are critical for your success. By laser-focusing on customer service and sales here in Utah, we can ensure the best results.
We See Far Deeper Than A Resume
Most recruiting firms are just browsing LinkedIn and resumes for talent. We like to use people first. A referral is your best bet on a quality candidate. Our networks allow us to know a person's true record for success.
Technology That Actually Works
For teams that are hiring in large batches, the sea of candidates and interviews can become quite the headache. That's why we use technology to help you keep track of and score candidates, schedule interviews and more.
Advice from real-world hiring managers.

Nail the interview.

Learn the top 5 most common mistakes people make in interviews for both Customer Service and Sales.

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